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Police Appeal – West midlands


Do you recognise this motorbike or the riders? Although we are unable to see their faces they are wearing distinctive clothing and helmets.

On Monday 13 November at around 2:45pm, the bike enters Chester Road rail station car park, where the two offenders have attempted to steal items from an Audi. As shown in the images, one gets off the motorbike and smashes the passenger side of the car, before leaning into the car and getting back on his bike and leaving seven minutes later.

The offenders returned to the car park less than an hour later and attempted to break into five more cars, with no luck.

The motorbike is a Yamaha 125cc with distinctive blue alloys and one of the riders is wearing a red, white and blue helmet and light trousers.

The same bike is believed to have been used in a series of related crimes at local railway stations.

We have checked the bike’s registration plate but it is not valid.

If you have any information about this incident, or the offenders in the image, please contact PC Shaun Hickinbottom on s.hickinbottom@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk crime number 20BE/244907F/17

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