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About the MCPC


The MCPC are a non profit, self funded, volunteer organisation.
We are a fast growing group who aim to deter and prevent motor theft and research and advise on motor security. We aim to encourage change to laws and legislation in regard to moped enable crime, motor theft, pursuit of offenders and prosecution.
Who do MCPC work with?

M.A.G (Motorcycle Action Group), the UK’s leading rider’s rights organisation.
Met Police Organised Vehicle Crime Unit.
MCRG (Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group), a special interest group of the M.I.A (Motorcycle Industry Association).
Motorcycle manufacturers.
Security device manufacturers.
What do the MCPC want?

For the Police to be given greater powers to pursue offenders on Mopeds, Motorcycles and other vehicles more easily and without fear of prosecution themselves.
For adequate, secure motor parking solutions to be introduced to be introduced nationally.
For the Courts to back up great Police with real solutions in the form of firm punishments that also act as adequate deterrents.
That Insurance companies are forced to end the practice of re categorising damaged motor frames and shells that are sold back onto the market to fuel the market in stolen motor parts.
For the Courts to make offenders pay victims ALL out of pocket losses and expenses for ALL thefts, not just motor related thefts.

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